Kashtan Group has undertaken the mission of keeping the professional sector in the electric industry informed under the motto Power to the People by holding training sessions, professional conventions and seminars every year.

We offer diverse technological solutions relating to infrastructure and industrial equipment, switches, sockets and accessories, lighting. LED lighting, smart home and energy saving and take care to accompany our customers in project characterization and realization from the initial planning stage until its successful implementation.

When the project is finalized, our team of consultants continues providing professional service and support for years to come.

The Kashtan Group team of consultants is at your service, ready to adapt the most appropriate solution for every project.

Kashtan Group was established over 80 years ago and ever since then we have been accompanying our customers in design and realization of the largest, most challenging projects in the Israeli electric sector. Our seniority and extensive, unique professional experience we have accumulated has driven the world's leading corporations to choose the Kashtan Group as their Israeli representative. Among the 40 corporations exclusively represented by the group are Philips, 3M, Bticino, Palazzoli, Cooper and others.

Our team of consultants provides our customers with years of experience and specialized expertise in the group's lines of business, undergoing constant certification and updating by the world's leading innovators. This makes Kashtan Group's team the natural professional partner for our customers, including architects, electrical engineers, electrical consultants, project managers, lighting consultants and interior designers.